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Remi Butler is a British computer girl who writes creatively on patterns, neurodiversity, software, productivity and processes

or Actually my pronouns aren’t political

What a mouthful of a title but it’s the crux so pull up a chair and listen to me scream about this because it’s the start of pride, I have half an hour for lunch and being reckless is my greatest strength.

If you work for an American corporation, whether they’re global or not, chances are you’ve also been fitted with the No Political Conversations At Work gag. On first glance it can seem somewhat sensible right? Political conversations are rarely impersonal and they can get heated very quickly. Especially if they’re about contentious issues like taxation, budgetary spending, the…

or, i’m working with textarea’s and they suck

a laptop screen with syntax highlighted code
a laptop screen with syntax highlighted code
this is just a random picture of my discord bots hangman game function but people like these big code-pictures so i included it to trick you into reading

Did you know that a textarea won’t auto expand it’s vertical height when content exceeds vertical space? Because I didn’t. Instead it will automatically overflow: scroll which is nice until you need to find a way to auto expand height and you enter Technological Darwinism.

A lot of people think Darwin’s natural selection means that organisms end up perfect or even good at the role they’re competing for but as anyone with asthma can tell you, this isn’t right at all. No Darwinism refers to a system where the least bad option prevails, where organisms or systems evolve in such…

“everyone feels like that sometimes” — sure Karen

“why would you say that?” — source me, a camera, my lamp and a wall

Being an adult with ADHD is an irritating experience because every single help article is written for helicopter parents. To get an adult diagnosis involves cracking open the time capsule of your personal history and playing Sherlock over the dregs of old report cards, unfinished workbooks and your parents opinions in order to find enough clues for a retroactive diagnosis. …

my writing nook is about the only place i can still decompress in my house

Working from home can be lovely, I think, or at least so I’m told. My experience has been a kind of hellish mixture of anxiety, sleeplessness, overwork and stress. I guess you could call it harrowing? Or maybe like a gentle form of torture. No not full on waterboarding but more like tinnitus. It’s always present in the background, sometimes waxing, sometimes waning, but it’s there, it’s always there. …

… you’ve talked too long and I can’t focus anymore

noise in a meeting is noise in my mind


Inside the tech industry we have a horrible habit of pretending everyone is equal all of the time and that we all have the same capabilities and even if we don’t we should be treated as if we do, to be fair! It’s a nice idea that doesn’t model reality one jot, minority groups exist and we need to re-examine our biases and blind spots to prevent ourselves from overlooking the support of others. …

or It’s DevOps or barbarism

Every few months the topic of crunch does the rounds. We get a few shallow pontificating articles from non-developers on whether video games need crunch before the whole topic is lost again to the content waterfall.

The game dev perspective has been covered extensively by Jim Sterling, thank god for him, and i’m not keen to retread that ground. Watch here and here if you want a quick primer.

What I want to talk about is how crunch is deeply ingrained in all of the tech industry, not just games. I've experience it in nearly every development project I've ever…

Remi Butler

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